Best Outdoor Adventures in the Poconos

adult horseback rides in the Poconos

Best Outdoor Adventures in the Poconos

Getting outdoors has many health benefits and can be very restorative. With all the stresses of life, we understand the need to get outdoors, connect with nature, and leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind for a time. Here are the best outdoor adventures in the Poconos!


Horseback Trail Rides in the Poconos with Mountain Creek Riding Stable

woman wearing helmet on a guided horseback ride petting the horse's head

Located: Paradise Stream (just outside of Mount Pocono)

On a list of outdoor activities for adults in the Poconos, we would naturally have to list ourselves! Mountain Creek Riding Stable is one of the longest-running and largest horseback riding stables in the Pocono area. We cater to total beginners so if you’ve never even seen a horse in person you’re our type of adult horseback rider! The group trail rides are certainly fun but if you’re looking for something more intimate we do offer private trail rides as well. Be sure to book ahead of time, we book out incredibly fast!

Best Time To Go: Winter is our slower season, and midweek is always less busy than the weekends, with Monday being the slowest day overall.



Target Practice at Sunset Hill Shooting Range

Woman practicing shooting firearms at a shooting range with a supervisor next to her observing

Located: Henryville, PA (not far from Tannersville)

If you’ve wanted to try target shooting but weren’t sure where to even begin, Sunset Hill has you covered. A great activity for adults in the Poconos.  Sunset Hill has been around for a long time and is great at helping people who have never shot a gun before enjoy target shooting in a safe manner. They have a wide variety of guns that you can rent or you can bring your own.

Best Time To Go: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm on Mondays or Thursdays (they are closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays), otherwise it can be quite crowded!


An Air Tour of the Poconos with Moyer Aviation

Located: the heart of the Pocono Mountains… Mount Pocono! (well, technically “Tobyhanna”, but it might as well be Mt Pocono)

An often overlooked outdoor activity for adults, an air tour is a great way to see the Pocono Mountains like never before! Surprisingly affordable, Moyer Aviation has been doing air tours (and all sorts of plane related business) for many years and, due to the small plane size, there won’t be a crowd of people either!

Best Time To Go: Anytime during the year! They only book with reservations but do their tours year-round, so whenever you want to go is the best time.


Scenic Train Ride in Jim Thorpe

Town of Jim Thorpe in the Pocnonos

Located: Jim Thorpe (of course).

If you want an outdoor activity in the Poconos that is more low key than those listed above, a train ride in Jim Thorpe might be just the thing for you! It’s a wonderful, laid back ride through the beautiful mountains surrounding the town. This is something that also tends to book out quickly, so be sure to make your reservations ahead of time!

Best Time To Go: October is the best time to visit when the leaves are turning for fall. The scenery within the Poconos is truly spectacular in the fall season.


Enjoying Nature in Hickory Run State Park

A field of boulders in the mid-afternoon sun.

Located: halfway between Mt Pocono and Jim Thorpe

Hickory Run State Park has a little bit of everything in it, making it a great outdoor activity in the Poconos for adults. Waterfalls? Check. Hiking Trails? Check. A lake? Check. A spectacular, one of a kind field of boulders? Check! This is, as outdoors as outdoors gets, and is definitely worth listing on best things for adults to do in the Poconos because, really, can you enjoy nature in a better way than hiking? Maybe camping… which they also have at Hickory Run State Park!

Best Time To Go: Fall, for the same reason as the Jim Thorpe train ride, the fall colors in the Poconos will amaze and delight!

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