Pennsylvania Horseback Riding Stable

About Mountain Creek Riding Stable

Our goal is simple: to help people experience something new, different, and memorable and have a great time doing so!


Mountain Creek Riding Stable has been around for quite some time… over 20 years in fact! Though we started out small, we’ve grown to be the premier horseback riding stable for vacationers in the Poconos. While our goal is simple, the execution is anything but, and our dedicated staff works hard to ensure that everything runs smoothly. From feeding to grooming to training, horses require a great deal of care. However, we at Mountain Creek Stable know that this work pays dividends. Horse people understand that once you fall in love with a horse you’re in love forever. In fact, a good number of the horses we have retired due to old age has been taken home by our staff members!


We moved into our current barn in 1993 and have remained there ever since. Our barn has, at maximum, 28 horses at any one time. We ride on the land behind Paradise Stream Resort on winding trails through the woods that offers a respite from the hustle and bustle of the modern world, if only for a short while.


The stable was owned and operated by Mark Ecker for the majority of the time that it has been in business. When he passed away in late 2016 his sister and brother-in-law took on the business. We look to continue his legacy and honor his memory by providing a great ride to those who might never have been able to experience the fun of horseback riding otherwise.