They’re Back! Tell Your Friends & Family About Welcome Back Wagon Rides!

Sit back and enjoy nature with a wagon ride at Mountain Creek Riding Stable:

Reason #1 to take a wagon ride: The Driver

  • Here at Mountain Creek Riding Stable, our driver, Ron, is one of the best in the business. With over 20 years of experience working on his side, safety and happiness of both wagon-riders and the horses are his number one priorities. His friendly personality makes it easy to ask him questions, and even if he doesn’t know an answer, he’ll come up with one before you know the difference.


Reason #2 to take a wagon ride: Hudson & Diesel

  • Hudson and Diesel, the horses that pull the wagon, may be big, however they are extremely gentle and docile. Because they love attention so much, it is always a joy to say hello to them and give them a pat. The beauty of their dark colors and large size are a great sight, too!


Reason #3 to take a wagon ride: Trail Ride without Riding

  • Our wagon follows along with the trail rides, making it perfect for groups with some who want to ride on horses and some who don’t necessarily want to be on top of the horse. It is a perfect medium to keep everyone together!


Reason #4 to take a wagon ride: Picture Perfect

  • Wagon rides are the perfect opportunity to get great pictures standing with Hudson and Diesel, riding in the wagon, the Pennsylvania wildlife, and riders on the trail. Don’t forget to bring your cameras!


For more information on our wagon rides, feel free to check out our Mountain Creek Wagon Rides page or contact us today!

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