5 Reasons Why Kids Should Experience Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding for Kids

Living in the city can be draining. Dealing with tons of people, uninterrupted movement, and endless noise, it all can cause gray hair. Not to mention the technology nowadays that constantly keeps us connected. From cell phones, computers, and televisions, we seem to never be able to get away. Even though this is stressful for adults, it can make kids feel like they never get time to do what they do best, being children. A vacation to the peaceful Poconos is a great solution for this. A great activity to bring everyone together and have some fun is horseback riding here at Mountain Creek Riding Stable. So leave the bustle of the city behind and come for a ride!  Here are our top 5 reasons why you should bring your kids horseback riding:

Our Reasons Why Horse Riding for Kids is Important:

  • Activity helps relax children and teaches them to slow down.
  • Helps children bond from animals starting at a young age.
  • Allows them to witness an activity that’s been around for hundreds of years!
  • Creates a family bonding time.
  • Has something for everyone and can spark a lifelong passion for the outdoors!

Reason #1: Relaxation & Slowing Down

ranch at pocono manor, horseback riding pa, horseback riding in pennsylvaniaOur easy-paced rides are, without a doubt, relaxing. Being able to ride docile animals through the scenic and quiet woods of the Pocono Mountains is a wonderful experience. Kids have the opportunity to see wildlife such as whitetail deer and wild turkey while enjoying the serenity of the forest. This experience can bring alive the dream of feeling like a cowboy or cowgirl.

Reason #2: Bonding With An Animal

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Growing up in the city creates plenty of chances for kids to have friends and bond with other people, but in most cases it is not often that they get to spend time with animals. Being able to come to the Poconos and not only see, but also make a connection with and ride a horse can be an enchanting experience for children.

Reason #3: Going Back In Time

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Something guides hear often is how our riders couldn’t imagine riding a horse all day every day. Riding is a great indirect way for kids to get a first-hand experience history lesson without feeling like they’re in school. They genuinely get to forget about their phones and social media while traveling like a like an old pioneer.

Reason #4: Family Bonding

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Taking the whole family horseback riding is a great way to spend time together and bond. Kids love the experience of riding and being able to do it together as a family is comforting to nervous riders. Usually while riding, we notice families talking and laughing, unplugged from all technology except pulling out a phone or camera to snap a quick picture to save the moment.

Reason #5: Something For Everyone

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Even though children do have to be 7 years old and at least 50 inches tall to go on our trail rides, families should not be discouraged. For children 10 and under, we also offer pony rides, a short ride done on a full-sized horse at the barn. Another option for not only for children but people of all ages are our horse-drawn wagon rides, which can go out on the trail with the riding horses to keep everyone together.

No matter age, ability, or comfort level with horses, here at Mountain Creek Riding Stable we offer something for everyone. Spending time with the horses is a great was to unplug and unwind while spending time as a family. We always recommend people make reservations for trail rides and wagon rides, however pony rides are done on a walk-in basis. Feel free to contact us for more information or to make a reservation.  Lace up your boots and put your new-found knowledge to use by booking a ride!

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