Explaining the Latest Craze: What is Horse Yoga Anyway?!

Horse yoga can be a relaxing past time. Enjoy horseback riding in pa at Mountain Creek Stables.

Explaining the Latest Craze: What is Horse Yoga Anyway?!

There are relaxed sports, like golf or lawn bowling. There are exercise sports, like cross fit or triathlons. There are adventure sports, like whitewater rafting or skydiving. And then there are animal lovers who

insist that such boundaries are merely restrictions we place on ourselves to limit our capacity to enjoy life! Such people combine all three types of sports by doing yoga on horseback: relaxing, toning, and adventure all at the same time! Here at Mountain Creek Riding Stable, we promote anything that helps people form a closer bond with horses, so when we heard about yoga on horseback, we had to know more so pass that knowledge along to you, of course



So, how exactly does horseback yoga work?

Well, according to Linda Benedik (author of Yoga for Equestrians: A New Path for Achieving Union with the Horse) yoga on horseback will help you to “learn how to enhance your riding skills through awareness exercises, visualizations, and meditations, and improve your strength, flexibility, and balance through mounted and unmounted yoga.” Specifically, there are moves that you do on the ground to get “into sync” with the horse and those you do on the horses’ back.


Unfortunately, we do not offer horseback yoga at Mountain Creek Riding Stable or the Ranch at Pocono Manor. However, there are a few places in Pennsylvania that can accommodate your introduction to a new obsession!


The first is down in the Philadelphia Area. The aptly named Horse and Goat Yoga offers… well…. horse and goat yoga. They have a larger operation with scheduled classes. Be warned, they can book up fast, so make sure to reserve your experience!


The second is Yoga Pony in Coatsville. A smaller operation – it’s definitely for those who want an intimate setting… and the good news is the proprietor specializes in beginners!


SO, if you decide to branch out, try something new, potentially come away with a strange new hobby, let us know! We’d love to hear how it went. While we may not offer horse yoga on the horses at Mountain Creek Riding Stable, you can definitely still connect

with our majestic horses! A trail ride through the beautiful Poconos woods is exactly what you need to meditate and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. Browse our trail ride options and book your horseback ride today!

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