A Horse Interview With Hulk!

A Horse in a Santa hat infront of the barn

A Horse Interview With Hulk!

Over the next couple of months, Mountain Creek Riding Stable is going to do a horse interview with a select number of horses from our stable. This is a great chance to either remember the horse you took a ride with or get to know a horse before you show up for a horseback ride! If you haven’t met any of our horses yet, check out our Facebook Page to see our monthly horse spotlights.


What’s your name?:

My name is Hulk. If you haven’t seen me before I was on a Facebook ad for Mountain Creek because of my handsome face! But I’m not *just* a pretty face, so I figured I’d introduce myself properly.

What’s your breed?

Let’s get the basics out of the way: my breed is a Paint Horse, though I am not registered or anything fancy like that.

What’s your coloring?

My coloring is specifically a tobiano paint.

How old are you?

I am 8 years old!

Who’s your favorite person around the Stable?

If you ask the girls I work with they would tell you I’m a “nose in the pocket horse” because I love being close to someone and following them around. However, it’s not just ANYONE, I have my specific favorite people whom I really like. It’d be too difficult for me to choose just one, so my top two would have to be the manager Teresa and the trail guide Savannah.

What’s your favorite food?

I really like peppermints as a special treat. What type? It doesn’t matter to me. I love the soft, after dinner mint kind AND the round hard candies with the red and white stripes! I’ll gobble them right up… and I can smell them in your pocket so don’t try to hold out on me! I also got a hold of a blueberry Pop-Tart once and I thought that was pretty good… but they won’t let me have any more of them. :-/

What’s your favorite part of living in the Poconos?

I love living in the Pocono Mountains at Mountain Creek Riding Stable, specifically because we get all four seasons so it’s never boring! The winter is so pretty with all snow, the spring and summer are filled with life and tasty greens, and in the fall we not only have the beautiful leaves but also a great temperature. I love the fall because it is perfect for doing my favorite activity: sunbathing!

What’s your favorite ride at Mountain Creek Riding Stable?

I like doing our 45 Min Trail Rides because it keeps me active and gives me something to do. Standing around all day sounds great until you have to do it all the time.

What is your favorite type of rider? What about your pet peeve?

I love a good beginner rider that’s courteous and fun! But, of course, sometimes when I have inattentive riders I get to steal bites of grass and dandelions and that’s a lot of fun. However, my pet peeve is when I get rambunctious riders who kick me to try and make me go faster. I’m just really laid back and prefer to take it slow so my rider can enjoy all the beautiful scenery!

A Horse in a Santa hat infront of the barn

Now that you know more about me I’d love to meet you and learn more about you! Feel free to give the staff at Mountain Creek Riding Stable a call at 570-839-8725 or Book Now to set up a reservation! Sorry, I’m really popular, so you’ve gotta book a time to get my autograph. 😉


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