Top Activities To Get Over Your Fear of Horses

A woman in a black coat pets a carriage horse.

Top Activities To Get Over Your Fear of Horses

How to Overcome Your Fear of Horses

Horses are kind, gentle animals but they’re also huge! Sometimes people have had bad experiences in the past that leads to a fear of horses. Other times, the new experience of horseback riding is worrying, but in either case below are a few ideas to help overcome the jitters!

Top Tips:

  • Visit a Stable and Meet the Horses in a Controlled Environment
  • Start horseback Riding Lessons
  • Adventure Out on a Trail Ride with Experienced Guides
  • Read Horseback Riding Books and Learn Tips and Tricks

A woman in a black coat pets a carriage horse.


Visit A Stable

The majority of times people are afraid of things they don’t know. If you aren’t ready to take the plunge and go for a ride, stop by your local stable and ask if you can see and pet some of the horses. Most stables that are open to the public have no qualms about allowing people to say hi to the horses. The staff will gladly introduce you and walk you through the process of approaching horses if they have the time. Horse people love their animals and are always glad to help someone else learn to love them too!


Start Horseback Riding Lessons

If you know you definitely want to tackle this fear head on – then signing up for horseback riding lessons might be the way to go. Horseback riding lessons are great for their intensity and their personalization; your instructor will take their time with just you and the horse. You’ll learn practical skills and create a bond between you and your horse so that you really have a deep understanding of horsemanship. Though expensive, it will also get you the best results the fastest, and we think that it’s well worth the money.


Riding a horse outside a barn.


Take A Trail Ride

So lessons are too much but just petting a horse seems like it wouldn’t be enough to satisfy your horse interest? Well, take a trail ride! Beginner-friendly barns such as Mountain Creek Riding Stable are great ways to put your toes in the water. You’ll be able to get the real-time feedback of a horse without having to develop any advanced skills. The horses are well trained and used specifically for beginner horseback trail rides. The guides that are out with you will ensure everything goes smoothly. Additionally, you can go with friends or family to make it a fun group experience if you have some jitters!


Read Great Horseback Riding Books

Reading about horseback riding isn’t going to get you over your fear, but it can certainly help ease you into trying the real thing. Ask any horse person, and they will tell you they love horses for the bond they form with the animal.  There are tons of books about the technique of riding but here are our top three!

  1. Like A Journey to Softness: In Search of Feel and Connection With the Horse by Mark Rashid
  2. Riding Scared: A Spiritual Guide to Reconnecting to Yourself
  3. Your Horse by Miranda Velasquez help to understand the more spiritual side of riding.


We hope that these tips help you get over your fear of horses and start having fun riding!


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