Locals Travel Guide to the Poconos: Things To Do and Tips from Locals

horseback riding near the Poconos

Locals Travel Guide to the Poconos: Things To Do and Tips from Locals

There is much more near the Poconos then most visitors know. Sure, you hit the hot spots like the Crossings or you stray slightly out of the Poconos into Stroudsburg, but what about IN the Poconos? We’re here to help with a local’s guide to adventurous activities in the Poconos to the local places to grab a cold beer and a bite to eat.

Adventure Activities Near The Poconos

Big Pocono State Park

Big Pocono State park isn’t exactly hidden, but it’s definitely a gem! Set atop Camelback Mountain (so legitimately not far from anything) it provides one of the best views in the area. If you’re coming from NY to the Poconos or upstate NJ, you probably passed through the Deleware Watergap and from here you can actually SEE the Watergap.

The park has lovely picnic areas and some fairly easy hiking trails. Visitin this park in the Poconos is great day activity for the whole family. It’s one place the local’s recommend not to miss on your visit to the Poconos!

horseback riding near the Poconos

Horseback riding in the Poconos is something very few people do on a regular basis… and we know that! Mountain Creek Riding Stable makes a point to go out of the way to accommodate those who may have never otherwise gotten the chance to enjoy nature from horseback!

Located in Paradise Valley, about 15 minutes away from everywhere in the Poconos, Mountain Creek Stable caters to beginners and never-been’ers and offers relaxed, easy horseback rides for the whole family. If you have those who are too young or just can’t go on a ride we offer wagon rides the whole family can enjoy or pony rides for children 10 years or younger.

The local Pocono activity will have you enjoying the natural surrounds and fresh air!

paintball in the Poconos

Are the above activities too low key for you? Need a little adrenaline to get the blood pumping? Paintball Asylum is the answer, trust us! Chill staff, great location (it’s not even a 5 minute drive to Camelback Mountain), fair prices… you really can’t ask for more! The facilities are great and all of their reviews speak for themselves.

Best Local Restuarants in the Poconos

Jubilee Restaurant near the Poconos

The Julibee Restuarant is a  long time staple in the Poconos, they’ve been around since the 70’s… and for good reason! This restaurant serves classic American dishes with some interesting twists! They’re also in the heart of the Pocono Mountains, about a 15 minute drive down route 940 towards Blakeslee, and worth every minute of it! They’re pretty low key, so be sure to bring the whole family, they’ve got plenty of large tables.

One thing to be aware of: they are not a secret place. On their busy nights they are probably one of a handful of places in the Poconos that ACTUALLY has a wait, despite all their tables. To be honest…. stick it out! If you’ve been eating at chain restaurants or the over-priced restaurants in the hotels, this will be a welcome change not only to your wallet but most importantly to your stomach, plus it’s a local Pocono favorite!

Tannersville Inn near the Poconos

We get it, a place that puts “Legendary” in their title, you might get suspicious, but their title is well deserved. The Legendary Tannersville Inn was established in the early 1800’s (you know, during the first 100 years of the United States’ existence) and hasn’t really changed a ton. Well, except with lighting and running water and heat and….

One thing that hasn’t changed is their quality: it’s always been a place for great local Pocono food and, a rarity these days, great entertainment. Check out their calendar of events, as they have Dinner Theaters and live performances quite often!

Satto Sushi near the Poconos

Craving some of the finer things in the Poconos? Satto Sushi is hands down the best sushi in the Pocono Mountains. Like all the best places, it’s not much to look at driving by, and the inside is small so don’t bring the whole gang (though, on that note, you can always get it to go!). It’s in a small strip-mall that is about 10 minutes from Camelback Mountain.

So, with all that being said, why recommend it? Because the sushi is fantastic, MUCH better than that other place down the road. In fact, all the food on the menu is made fresh, with skill and love. The proprietors are very friendly and if you’re on a couple’s romantic getaway to the Poconos this is probably one of the best “intimate” local restuarants around. Be warned, like all good sushi, it isn’t cheap, but the price is entirely justified.

Best Local Pocono Breweries and Distilleries

Barely Creek Brewing Company in the Poconos

Having been around since 1995, this is another staple of the area, located 10 minutes from Mountain Creek Riding Stable. If you’re looking for a real local Pocono brewery experience, this is the place.

They give tours of their brewing facilities and, of course, make plenty of their own delicious beer (duh). Looking for a favorite though? Their selection of “guest beers” and bottles is one of the best in the county, so fret not, they will have it (or something even better) waiting for you. They also have tons of things to do and their calendar is filled with entertainment…. oh, yeah… and their food is also amazing.

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