Horseback Riding and Hiking Trails in the Poconos

Girl Riding A Horse on Trail in the Poconos

Horseback Riding and Hiking Trails in the Poconos

We at Mountain Creek Riding Stable always promote getting out into nature and really enjoying what makes the Pocono Mountain’s so special. So, we’ve come up with a list of what we feel are the best trails in the Poconos for horseback riding, trail hiking, fishing access and just enjoyment in nature.

This covers hiking, biking, and (of course) horseback riding trails in the Poconos!

  1. The Red Trail: Trail Hiking and Fishing
  2.  Hawks Fall Trail: Waterfall Trail Hike
  3. Boulder Field: Fun Hiking Trail
  4. Promised Land State Park: Trails for Horseback Riding
  5. Blue Dot/Red Dot Trail Loop: Hiking Trails

Trails In The Poconos for Recreational Use & Access

The Red Trail — Austin T. Blakeslee Natural Area (Highland Trail)


Recommended Activity: Hiking, Fishing
Length: 2.2 miles

AllTrails trail information on Austin T. Blakeslee Natural Area (Highland Trail). AllTrails users are hikers, campers, and nature lovers dedicated to providing trail information and sharing the trail system with other nature lovers!

The Austin T. Blakeslee Natural Area is a good visit for families, as it has a nice picnic area right at the front and none of the trails are too difficult. It heads out along a branch of the Lehigh River and is picturesque regardless of what time of year you go. Notably, the trail is newer and so there are benches all along the route, also making it good for those who need to take rest breaks. It’s also not far from Blakeslee, so grab a bite to eat at the Chat N’ Chew café or pack lunch with some goodies from Wawa.

Fall Hiking on Austin T Blakeslee Trail
River View on Austin T Blakeslee Trail Hike in the Poconos
Sitting Bench in Promised Land State Park for Hikers

Hawk Falls Trail — Hickory Run


Recommended Activity: Hiking (on other trails in Hickory Run you can Bike, X-Country Ski, snow-mobile, and a plethora of other activities).
Length: 1 Mile

Learn more about Hickory Run State Park from Pennsylvania’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

Hawk Falls is another easy trail in the Poconos, but with a payoff: Hawk Falls! A small waterfall to be sure, the trail itself is family-friendly and a great little hike to do with those who aren’t used to hiking… and to get them hooked! Of course, while you’re out there you can visit the next Poconos trail on our list— the Boulder Field!

Hawks Fall Trail Head in Poconos
Hawks Falls Hiking Trail in Poconos

Boulder Field — Hickory Run


Recommended Activity: Fun
Length: As far as you can make it across the field of boulders!

Learn more about the Boulder Field at Hickory Run from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

Use Hawk Falls as a good reason to get the family out, but don’t mention Boulder Field… the surprise is worth it. An excellent example of how nature can be surprising and unpredictable, Boulder Field is still a great workout.. crossing it can take as long as a normal hike, and it’s bigger than it looks! Make sure to wear good shoes on this Poconos trail adventure!

Promised Land State Park Trails for Horseback Riding in the Poconos


Recommended Activity: Horseback Riding, though like Hickory Run State Park, the Promised Land State Park offers everything in regards to outdoor recreation and access.
Length: 2.77 Miles

Learn more about the Promised Land State Park from Pennsylvania’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

Though there are few state and national parks near the Pocono Mountains where you can horseback ride, Promised Land State Park is the best horseback trail riding area. There is no specific trail listed for this park because they have 26 miles of trails that are accessible to equine riders AND they offer camping opportunities for you and your horses. The park does not offer guided horse rides or horse rentals though, you have to trailer your horse there. However, if you’re looking to go horseback riding but don’t have your own horse… you could always.. uh.. check us out at Mountain Creek Riding Stable for a horseback trail ride in the Poconos.. cough. Jus’ sayin…we know horses and we know the trails in the Poconos that are most horse friendly.

Sign of Promised Land State Park
Bridge During Winter at Promised Land State Park
Girl Riding A Horse on Trail in the Poconos

Blue Dot/Red Dot Trail Loop (Mt. Tammany Summit) – Worthington State Forest


Recommended Activity: Hiking
Length: 3.33 Miles

Learn more about the Blue Dot/Red Dot Trail Loop

This Poconos trail is for those who want a more serious and challenging trail hike. Don’t be fooled by the length: you’ll be going almost straight up the mountain if you ascend via the Red Trail, and descending via the Red Trail isn’t much easier. If you’re used to the Catskills or Rockies, this won’t be anything impressive to you, but for the more casual hikers looking to get into something more serious, this is a great start and an excellent workout. NOTE: There was a forest fire here not too long ago, but the trails are indeed open again as of the time of this post.

Summit view of Mt Tammy on Hiking Trip
Blue Dot/Red Dot Trail Loop in the Fall
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