Family Getaway Guide For a Weekend in the Poconos

Wagon with two horses

Family Getaway Guide For a Weekend in the Poconos

Poconos Family Getaway Guide

So you’re thinking about a trip to the Pocono Mountains to make some fun summer memories for you and the kids, right? But when you think about it, they have so much energy you’re not sure how to keep them occupied! We’ve got you covered; here are the top 4 activities you can’t miss on your Poconos family getaway!

The best things to do on a Poconos family vacation:

1: Hickory Run State Park

Hickory Run State Park is so good, it’s listed in the DCNR’s list of “25 Must-see Parks” in Pennsylvania. Spanning almost 16,000 acres the park has hiking trails for all levels and something to see for everyone. Camping, cabins, hunting, waterfalls, lakes, dense forest, you name it. Hickory Run State Park is perfect for hiking and swimming, but for a cool surprise take the kids to Boulder Field last. Children love the look of the field and love even more that they get to walk and climb all over!

Poconos Vacation Activities: Boulder Field

By I, Mtruch, CC BY-SA 3.0,


2: The Jubilee Restaurant

But of course, what is a family getaway without some good food?! If you’re the type of person who wants the true “local” experience, you have to stop by The Jubilee Restaurant. The breakfasts will remind you of a classic American diner and the dinner selection is well rounded. In particular, the Peppadew Pappardelle Pasta (in addition to being fun to say) is delicious. The Jubilee is a rustic, cozy restaurant that has something for everyone. You’ll definitely revisit this one! 

Poconos Restaurants: The Jubilee Restaurant

The Jubilee Restaurant

3: Wagon & Carriage Rides with Mountain Creek Riding Stable

If your children are young enough that you say to yourself “No way we could take them hiking!” don’t despair! Located only a few miles from Mt. Pocono itself is Mountain Creek Riding Stable. A small Barnyard area houses donkeys, chickens, rabbits, and a trio of incredibly friendly goats. Though the children may be fascinated with these critters to start, they will surely forget all about them when they see the team of horses pulling the wagon! Reservations are recommended for the wagon, as it does not run daily, so give us a call to help plan your weekend.

Poconos Family Getaway: Ranch at Pocono Manor Wagon with two horses

The wagon is great for families.


4: Camelback Mountain Adventures

Let’s say you and your kids just need *more*. The outdoors calls you but you’ve already done the hiking and the swimming. What’s left? Well, plenty! Head over to Camelback Mountain Adventures! They have zip-lining, obstacle courses, mountain coasters… between the swaying bridges, wobbly logs, high-wires… by the end you may admit your age is catching up to you! Of course, the smiles on the children’s faces will remind you of why you push yourself to be adventurous.

Poconos Family Weekend Getaway: Ziplining in the Poconos

Yes, ziplining has this effect.


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